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(NOTE: Please read the instructions below before using this tool!!!
If you make a mistake you can lose your original starting code!!!)
Starting Code:


This tool can be used to quickly delete/remove code or text from your website code. Please note, if you don't follow my instructions below you could lose your "starting code" and have to re-create it, or restore it from a backup.

Step 1:
Save your starting code into a text document (using Windows Notepad) as a .txt file. This way you have your original code backed up. If you make a mistake while using my tool, you can use the txt backup.

Step 2:
Paste your starting code into the "Starting Code" box.

Step 3:
Type in your code/text into the "Selection" text input. The selection is what will be removed from your starting code. Please note, remember to put spaces in the selection, if you need to. Remember, my tool will delete EXACTLY what you type into the selection box, including spaces.

Step 4:
Choose your "Task" from the drop down list.
  1. Remove All Occurances will remove every single instance of the selection.
  2. Remove First Occurance will remove only the first instance of the selection.
  3. Remove Last Occurance will remove only the last instance of the selection.
Step 5:
Click on the "Perform Task" button. Your new code will appear in the "Result" box. Please check your results to make sure that the tool worked as you expected it to.

Step 6:
If you are certain that your results are correct, and you want to continue removing stuff from the code, then click on "Copy Result to Starting Code" which will replace the "Starting Code" with the "Result" code. Please remember, this is permanent and cannot be undone. That is why you backed up your starting code in Step 1 above.

Step 7:
Repeat steps 3 to 6.

Step 8:
When you are done, click on "Copy Result to Clipboard" so that you can paste it somewhere else.

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